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Aim high, follow your dreams and never give up on yourself - Allyson Brown

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the everheal difference

Our mission is to help people just like you, to restore your life by giving you access to ready-made, nutrient-rich foods which, not only reduce inflammation in your body, but enables it to heal, so that you can live your best possible life.


We offer a variety of meal options & holistic approaches to suit your needs & lifestyle, with nutritional food being the key ingredient!

what we're all about

everheal founders

Simone Boer

Co-founder and Director

Simone is a skilled strategist, group facilitator and coach focusing on confidence, leadership and life transformation. Not only that, Simone also holds a PhD in Neuroscience.  However, the deep seated desire to unlock people's minds and free them to lead better lives has led Simone down the path to everheal.


" I’m here to inspire change, large-scale change – in your health and your life. I propel action in people, to have the self-confidence, care, kindness, and belief to achieve things not believed to be possible."

Simone is now dedicated to enabling as many people as possible to live better lives with every conversation.

Allyson & Simone created everheal to help improve the

quality of life for people suffering from chronic inflammation & autoimmune conditions. Yes, people just like you!