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Try everheal snacks

Get all 6 snacks for under $9 each!

Our snacks are made in Australia from 100% organic ingredients, are 100% vegan & are 100% delicious!

They are also free from wheat, gluten, dairy, peanuts, soy, sesame, eggs, yeast, fish, shellfish & sugar cane!

And they contain no artificial anything! Healthy snacks never tasted so good!


fresh herb crackers
choc mint chunks
Italian herb & garlic crackers
chewy choc fudge chunks
savoury 4 seed crackers
banana, date & walnut chunks
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What our customers say

"I love what this company does. Their snacks are 100% organic and are truly delicious!


I tend to snack during the day at work and these snacks not only satisfy my hunger but provide me with a boost of energy to keep me going.


My favourite is the banana date and walnut chunks, but I also love their Italian herb and garlic crackers.


Such an easy way to try new healthy snacks."


Jenny, Geelong

everheal meal


Let us take care of everything

At everheal, we understand how difficult it is to find healthy, organic food during these difficult times. We also know how much energy it takes to source, prepare, cook & clean up healthy organic meals, especially with our busy modern lifestyles.


So we developed the everheal meal packages, where we will supply you with weekly deliveries of fresh organic meals & snacks, so that you can spend your valuable time & energy on the more important things in life.

Our meals are ready-made & are packed with nutirents to fuel your body & boost your immune system! They are also anti-inflammatory to help reset your body & give it the fuel it needs to function at its best!

Give your body the kickstart it needs with everheal meal packages!

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savoury 4 seed crackers