Our Immune system: The best case for prevention

To help fight against COVID-19, we need to ensure we adhere to social distancing (at least 1.5 meters), wash your hands regularly (for at least 20 seconds), and to stay home, as per the Australian Government instructions.

Viruses and “bad bugs” surround us every minute of the day, however our immune system plays a critical role in determining whether we can fight off anything that brings our body under attack.

However, did you know that our immune system is mostly influenced by our gut microbiome? Your gut microbiome is home to 100 trillion bacteria that, not only help break down our food into nutrients we can absorb, but is the key to regulating our immune system and supporting healthy immune function. We can help to strengthen, fortify and protect our immune systems by rebalancing the bacteria in our gut through a few simple steps:

Eat a wide variety of fruit and vegetables

- Avoid processed foods, sugars, alcohol and foods high in trans fats

 - Take a quality probiotic

 - Get lots of sleep

- Reduce stress (meditation is great!)

 - Drink plenty of water

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