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Healthy, convenient & delicious meals that let you focus on living your best life!

everheal meal packages

Our everheal meal packages are designed to take care of everything, to make healthy eating, weight loss & feeling good as easy as possible!

Meals are delivered weekly to your door, are anti-inflammatory and absolutely delicious!

Best Value

Gold Plan


$333 of Value

$223 / week

Our Gold Plan gives you the full offering of our traditional favourites providing all meals throughout each day for the whole week.

Only $11.00 per meal/snack

7 x




Platinum Plan


$429 of Value

$299 / week

Our Platinum Plan gives you the full offering of our traditional favourites providing meals & snacks throughout each day for the whole week.

Only $10.50 per meal/snack

7 x





Only $14.50 per meal

Silver Plan


$242 of Value

$203 / week

Our Silver Plan gives you flexibility by providing lunches & dinners for the week.


7 x



FREE meal package bonuses!

The everheal Signature Smoothie System!

Get our secret system for kickstarting each day that is PACKED with nutrients and energy! Having a smoothie created using this smoothie system is great for your gut & your journey to better health




This 40 page document will provide you with the ability to track how you are feeling each day, so you can look back on your progress and celebrate your achievements

LIFE Formula Guides

With over 70 pages of content and exercises for you to complete, these 4 life-changing documents dive into the key factors involved in autoimmune health including gut health, clean eating, overcoming stress and next steps




Don't just look after your meals, look after your mind, body & soul with the Daily REFRESH Checklist. This will help you create good daily habits & bring balance into your life


online community

Get exclusive LIFETIME access to the everheal online community where you can connect with people going though the same program, get video tutorials, receive tips, tricks and additional support

These incredible extras will help you adopt the CHANGES and STICK with them!

Here is a sample of some of the meals you'll receive!

Let's get better, together!
everheal meal plans

View samples of our weekly meal plans including both plant-based meals and meat dishes

View regular meal plan sample

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Discover the 4-Step LIFE Formula!
Follow the 4 LIFE Formula Guides to better health!
  • Learn the Basics

    • In week 1 you will discover the principles behind the cause of most autoimmune diseases and what you can do to avoid or overcome symptoms like brain fog and chronic fatigue
  • Identify your Habits

    • In week 2 you will work through methods to recognise and overcome bad habits relating to your diet and lifestyle that are holding you back from your best health

  • Find a Better Way

    • Week 3 is about unlocking your potential with the Daily REFRESH Checklist and learn how it can help support a healthy diet and lifestyle

  • Embrace New Beginnings

    • In week 4, you’ll uncover how to make simple and practical lifelong changes to your diet and lifestyle, that can help you live your best life for years to come!

enjoy the benefits of clean eating!

Cook your own meals for only $39!

Let us help you start your clean eating journey with our

28-day Life Starter Program!

We provide you with meal plans, recipes, shopping lists and support so you can enjoy the benefits of improved health & live your best life!  

Just want the snacks?

Try our everheal snack pack! Get all 6 snacks for under $9ea

Our snacks are made in Australia from 100% organic ingredients, are 100% vegan & are 100% delicious!

They are also free from wheat, gluten, dairy, peanuts, soy, sesame, eggs, yeast, fish, shellfish & sugar cane!

And they contain no artificial anything! Healthy snacks never tasted so good!


fresh herb crackers
choc mint chunks
Italian herb & garlic crackers
chewy choc fudge chunks
savoury 4 seed crackers
banana, date & walnut chunks
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Our delicious everheal granola is packed full of activated nuts and dried fruits which make for a delicious breakfast option when coupled with non-dairy milk.

Or you can simply enjoy it as a tasty trail mix snack during the day!

groovy granola!

everheal platinum


Let us take care of everything

At everheal, we understand how hard it is to find healthy, organic food during these difficult times. We also know how much energy it takes to source, prepare, cook & clean up healthy organic meals, especially with our busy modern lifestyles.


So we developed the everheal meal packages, where we will supply you with weekly deliveries of fresh organic, anti-inflammatory meals & snacks, so that you can spend your valuable time & energy on the more important things in life.

Our meals are ready-made & are packed with nutrients to fuel your body & boost your immune system! They are also anti-inflammatory to help reset your body & give it the fuel it needs to function at its best!

Give your body the kickstart it needs with everheal meal packages!

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