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Healthy, convenient & delicious anti-inflammatory meals that let you focus on boosting your health & quality of life!

our meals

Food is our body's fuel and we believe that food can be medicine!

Our ready-made meals are full of nutrient-dense ingredients that support healthy immune function and can help to fight against inflammation and disease!

everheal meals are:
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everheal meals can be:

Just select your preferred meal option at checkout!

Please email us if you have other specific dietary requirements and we will try our best to accommodate your needs (eg free from nuts, eggs, shellfish, onion)

it's simple!

Place your meal order and let us take care of the rest!

We'll cook your meals and deliver them straight to your door!

Healthy eating couldn't be easier!

You order


We cook

We deliver

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You enjoy!

everheal meal packages

Our healthy, nutritious meals can aid in weight loss, improved brain/body function and give you exclusive access to the everheal online community for support so you can live your best life! 

Only $14.5 per meal

14 x



everheal snack

1 everheal granola

Platinum Pack


Feeding the family or stocking up? This pack is for you! Enjoy our traditional favourites for lunch or dinner, and freeze the rest to use whenever you wish!

Only $13 per meal

21 x



everheal snacks

4 everheal granola

Only $16 per meal

7 x



1 everheal snack

Best Value

Gold Pack



Get our traditional favourites that can take care of lunch and dinner

for the whole week!

Silver Pack


Enjoy the convenience of eating healthy and delicious lunches or dinners throughout the week

*Bonus snacks available only while stocks last

Let's get better, together!

Where we deliver

We can deliver ready-made meals to most areas of Victoria (Australia) for $20 shipping

We can also deliver to the following Australian States for $60 delivery fee (refundable for eligible NDIS clients):


* NSW / ACT (Sydney, Wollongong, Newcastle, Canberra)

* QLD (Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast)

* SA (Adelaide)

* TAS (Hobart, Launceston) 

The only difference for interstate shipping is that we will SNAP FREEZE your FRESHLY-MADE meals to lock in that freshness before we ship them to you!

Once you receive the meals, you can simply thaw out the meals as you want then heat & eat! It's that simple!!  


If you are Plan Managed or Self Managed, you may be able to receive everheal meals through your NDIS funding! Although everheal is not yet a registered NDIS provider, eligible participants can still receive our meals through their NDIS plan. 

Here's how it works:

1. Find out if you're eligible
To see if you are eligible for Home Delivered Meals, your NDIS plan will need to include "Daily Activities" in your Core Supports, or have "meal preparation and delivery fee"  inclusions. If you are unsure of your eligibility, please contact the NDIS directly


Note: Unfortunately ‘Agency Managed’ participants are unable to order through everheal at this stage, since they can only use NDIS registered providers 

2. Order your meals
If you are eligible, simply order your meals and select "NDIS Client" during the payment process. You will need to complete the order and pay in full.

3. Receive a tax invoice
Once we have received your order, we will email you a tax invoice that can be used to claim back the "meal preparation and delivery fee" portion of the meals from the NDIS. That means you will only be out of pocket for the "food cost" component (which is between $3 - $6.20 per meal, depending on the everheal meal package you select)

4. Claim your NDIS refund
Use your everheal tax invoice to make your claim with the NDIS and receive your Home Delivered Meals refund, for the cost of meal preparation and delivery

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Here's a sample of some of the meals you'll receive!

sample meal plans

View sample meal plans of our healthy, anti-inflammatory (paleo),

vegan or vegetarian meals. 

(*We can also cater Ketogenic or low FODMAP requirements upon request)

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Coming Soon!
Discover the 28 day LIFE Formula Program!

We are excited about our new LIFE Formula Program which contains HEAPS of resources and supports to start your clean-eating journey! This program is designed to help autoimmune warriors wanting a natural solution, to improve their chances of creating positive habits and start feeling better!

Follow the LIFE Formula Guides to better health!
  • Learn the Basics

    • In week 1 you will discover the principles behind the cause of most autoimmune diseases and what you can do to avoid or overcome symptoms like brain fog and chronic fatigue
  • Identify your Habits

    • In week 2 you will work through methods to recognise and overcome bad habits relating to your diet and lifestyle that are holding you back from your best health

  • Find a Better Way

    • Week 3 is about unlocking your potential with the Daily REFRESH Checklist and learn how it can help support a healthy diet and lifestyle

  • Embrace New Beginnings

    • In week 4, you’ll uncover how to make simple and practical lifelong changes to your diet and lifestyle, that can help you live your best life for years to come!

enjoy the benefits of clean eating!

Get the DIY LIFE Formula Program for only $97!

Coming soon!

Let us help you start your clean eating journey with our DIY

28-day Life Formula Program!

We provide you with meal plans, recipes, shopping lists and EXTRAS so you can enjoy the benefits of improved health & live your best life!  

everheal platinum


Let us take care of everything

At everheal, we understand how hard it is to find healthy, organic food during these difficult times. We also know how much energy it takes to source, prepare, cook & clean up healthy organic meals, especially with our busy modern lifestyles.


So we developed the everheal meal packages, where we will supply you with weekly deliveries of fresh organic, anti-inflammatory meals & snacks, so that you can spend your valuable time & energy on the more important things in life.

Our meals are ready-made & are packed with nutrients to fuel your body & boost your immune system! They are also anti-inflammatory to help reset your body & give it the fuel it needs to function at its best!

Give your body the kickstart it needs with everheal meal packages!