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Aim high, follow your dreams and never give up on yourself - Allyson Brown

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Our company


the everheal difference

Our mission is to help people just like you, to restore your life by giving you access to ready-made, nutrient-rich foods which, not only reduce inflammation in your body, but enables it to heal, so that you can live your best possible life.


We offer a variety of meal options & holistic approaches to suit your needs & lifestyle, with nutritional food being the key ingredient!

what we're all about

We've made it easy for you. Enjoy our range of ready-made meals and programs to make your road towards better health as easy as possible.


We provide you with supportive everheal group coaching and connect you with others on the same journey, via our exclusive online community. Let's get better together!

Community Support

Our foods are 100% natural and authentic, just like us! We source fresh organic produce that are the very best in freshness and flavour.

All Natural

We understand the challenges involved in restoring your health when you're feeling unwell, and we care about helping you achieve your health goals to maximise your quality of life.

Care & Understanding

We’ve done the research so that you don’t have to! Our programs and meals are based on scientific evidence gathered from medical experts and researchers.

Based on Evidence

everheal founders


 Allyson Brown

 Director and Co-founder

Allyson was diagnosed with MS in 2005, during the second year of her Doctorate. After intermittently struggling with numerous symptoms for the next 14 years, she was forced to resign from her corporate job in 2018, due to crippling fatigue & debilitating brain fog. She felt like her broken brain and body would never recover. However, Allyson's life changed forever when she discovered the healing properties of food. Then everheal was born!

"I wanted to provide a range of convenient, anti-inflammatory meals to help fellow autoimmune disease sufferers improve their health" 

Allyson is now dedicated to empowering others through education & convenience meals to help them live their best lives!

Simone Boer

Director & Co-founder

Simone is a skilled strategist, group facilitator and coach focusing on confidence, leadership and life transformation. Not only that, Simone also holds a PhD in Neuroscience.  


Simone has always had the deep seated desire to unlock people's minds and free them to lead better lives. After a varied career, this has led Simone down the path to co-found everheal.


" I’m here to inspire change, large-scale change – in your health and your life. I propel action in people, to have the self-confidence, care, kindness, and belief to achieve things not believed to be possible."

Simone is now dedicated to enabling as many people as possible to live better lives with every conversation.

Allyson & Simone created everheal to help improve the quality

of life for people suffering from chronic fatigue, brain fog & autoimmune conditions. Yes, people just like you!